Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not so new shoes,,

Well about two month ago i ordered two pair of shoes to a shoe maker in Bandung... At that time the store clerk told me that the shoes will be ready in two weeks.. But it looks like they have overwhelmed order so they can't finished it in time. Well in the end they told me the shoes are ready when i'm on my vacation in Palembang (its about 1.5 months after i make the order). So now after two months finally i can have my shoes. Wll this is their picture.. They're nice right?? hehhehe.. When i show this to my friends dwichita all she can say is "cool" hahaha i even don't really know what she meant.

If you are interested on making shoes you can visit a couple of shoe maker in Bandung... Some of them placed at Planet Dago 4th floor, Bandung..and in so affordable price...cheapy cheap hahhahha.....Wel i can't afford the designer shoes cause i'm poor and now jobless hahhaa...and the cheap stuff suit me nicely..

This is me playing a little dress up before went to my friends house (share house). I think the flowery boots is nice with the jeans short. What do you think? hehehe
I can't get a nice picture with the black boots cause my camera like i already said in my previous post not good enough and the sun light playing on me..shheez....

Contempo Casual shirt, acid wash jeans short, self made flower brooch

Contempo Casual shirt, Thrifted skirt, mangga dua tights, Diva necklace

Well that is my not so new shoes post..hehhehe...Ok now i'm gonna focus on my FYP revision. Its gonna be a "fun" day hahhaha...Big kisses for you all...

Have a nice day ^_^ ..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Night Out!!

Get a little reunion with my bestfriend Manda..hehehe, so fun..We do a little chit and chat about our junior high school memories and our oldfriends.

Manda is so skinny, i'm a little bit jealous with her body actually..while i have to struggle keeping on my diet she can eat everything without being worried about weight unfair hehehhehe.

Btw this is what we have, quite to many for just the two of us..hehehe. It is a very delicious lasagna. We can't finished the rest though..

We also make a friendship rings...hehehe so lame. Its inspired by the famous diana rikasari from hot chocolate and mint who has an initial ring like this. So we decided to make it too, just for fun... Manda has the big M with a litle pink flower on the corner. While i have this..After i look at it again i feel like a punk girl hehhee...

This is what i wear that night. I think i'm gonna post what i'm wearing from now on. It just fun hehehheh...
nighty night,...hoaheemmmmm....ZZZzzzz

Friday, September 25, 2009

hepi lebaran...

dear all...hepi eid mubarak..may all the love of Allah SWT surrounding us for another year....

..minal aidin wal faidzin..

Monday, September 21, 2009


after all this 4 years do some project..homework..lecture and etc... i've finished my college year in Industrial Engineering.. this is all because of great help from :
Allah SWT..
my parents..
my lecturer esp mr Yassierli..
mba manik as my great mentor..
sindy as my team mate hehehe and my best friend..
boyo, bangkit and eko for all this 8 months..
mas uki and aga..i often ask for your help to drive me to travel x..heheh
my lab-mate..PSKE 2005
my friends KB-OK
and all Industrial Engineering 2005
love you all......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yes i love trees,,,

yes i admit it that after a whole 4 years i've spend my life in this city i've never been go to djuanda forrest,,not even for once.. so yesterday i went there..and surprisingly i love it..hehehhe i guess you'll never know until you tried is some picture

my camera isn't good enough to capture the falling leaves...and it turns out the leaves covering my face in this picture hahahha...

guilty pleasure

Stressed out...need some guilty pleasure..a break from my FYP...hehehhe.. so i decided to have some fun with my bf..

Monday, August 10, 2009

i'm officially on D.I.E.T hahahhaha
since my weight increased for about 6 pounds and that makes a couple of my pants looks like a tights on me.

-sorry for bad english-

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hate this situation. Hate that i can't finish this earlier. Hate that i depend and need "her". Hate that i have to discuss with her but she even don't care about. HATE HATE HATE

-So sorry it's just i'm in a very stressfull situation right now-

Thursday, July 9, 2009

'ST' fever and sweetest escape

Lately i feel intimidated by that word. Well it seems the only word that all of my friend could talk about now hehehe. It become like a disease,,so i call it 'ST' fever.

Why i feel intimidated? because i stuck on my never ending final project. Just for one data i have to spent a whole day. Well i guess now you know why i call it never ending.

Anyway i had my best escape. Holiday to exotic island-Bali ehehehhe,, well its my first time there and its pretty good just like i had in mind. Here is some picture, enjoy...

day 3....

day 2....

day 1...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

bohemian rhapsody,,,

my class (class of 2005, IE) are gonna perform the bohemian rhapsody for the graduation party this week,,The concept is awesome i gotta tell you and sooo romantic,,,hehehhehe

i'll post the picture of the performance later,,,,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

boring Vs fuuunn,,

went to campus and had this very boring lecture about ioning radiation blah,,blah,,blah,,,and instead of listeing to th lecturer i play a game on a paper with my friends,,,hahahha,,,

at the evening we went to bita's and having a dance lessons for the graduation party,,,sooo tired
btw its my grandmother shirt i wore,,kinda good one right? my granny had a really good taste hehehhe,,,

nighty night,,,

Monday, April 13, 2009

elmo loveeee,,

yesterday i went to x-trans travel to collect some data for my minithesis (is it right?) and my friend sindy bring this cutest helmet with her,,,

i want this pleaassee,,,hehehehe


hi all,,,this maybe not my first blog but this is gonna be the first blog that i'm gonna write continuously hahahahha,,,,