Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yes i love trees,,,

yes i admit it that after a whole 4 years i've spend my life in this city i've never been go to djuanda forrest,,not even for once.. so yesterday i went there..and surprisingly i love it..hehehhe i guess you'll never know until you tried it..here is some picture

my camera isn't good enough to capture the falling leaves...and it turns out the leaves covering my face in this picture hahahha...


  1. Djuanda forrest is really a awesome place to spend the quality time, and I know every one love to visit this place.


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  2. @savita : yeah you're right,,,so many beautiful spots to take pictures...:D

  3. Djuanda forrest?? Dimana tuh Nggi?? kok blom pernah denger?? BTW,, gaul amat bajumu, Nak.. wkwkwkwkwk

  4. heheh di dago atas cong sayang.ntar kapan2 ksana ama gw deh hehehhe...

  5. hwaaaa.. pengeennnn... hehehe,, iyaaa ajak aku dong sekali2... jgn sama mas uki mulu,, aku di kemanain?? hahahah...
    eh,, gw suka foto yg sepatu lo di antara daun2 itu.... pake kamera siapa tuh??? hwehehehehe....