Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gelato Bar and Tree House

My guy and I were planning spending our quality time together for karaoke all day this weekend. But it turned out the place was closed--too bad. We've been a little dissapointed because of that but yaa there is always next time rite? The point is our planned failed successfully. Then we decided to hit the ice cream place instead. My guy and I love ice cream indeed, it makes us happy hahaha. We had our delicious ice cream at Gelato Bar. After that we moved to tree house cafe. You should try it if you go to Bandung, you'll love the cafe's interior. It is so nice, so many flowers printed on the wall and furniture. What i love the most is the bird house display, so pretty.

Glass on Gelato Bar Napkin
We found this smurf cartoon at Gramedia Book Store - so nostalgic

Bought this magz also

Blackforest ice cream - yumms
Really had a good time :)
Tree House = Rumah Pohon # Rumah Burung ???

Nice sandwich they have..
The bird house display - they are all so cute

Happy :)I had lychee squash

Well my guy had corn cream soup and sunkist squash

The entrance
FYI, i have 2 hamster named Molly and Gerry. Molly's broke her leg because my brother stepped on it. Poor Molly, i cried all night after that incident. She's just so cute and i can't stand looking at her in this situation. Love you Molly, hope you get well soon.


  1. ih anggi punya blog...
    baru tau saya...
    asik2, sering mampir ah...:)

  2. hihihi..iyaaahhh..sini..sini sering2 mampir hehhehe... ;D