Saturday, September 26, 2009

Night Out!!

Get a little reunion with my bestfriend Manda..hehehe, so fun..We do a little chit and chat about our junior high school memories and our oldfriends.

Manda is so skinny, i'm a little bit jealous with her body actually..while i have to struggle keeping on my diet she can eat everything without being worried about weight unfair hehehhehe.

Btw this is what we have, quite to many for just the two of us..hehehe. It is a very delicious lasagna. We can't finished the rest though..

We also make a friendship rings...hehehe so lame. Its inspired by the famous diana rikasari from hot chocolate and mint who has an initial ring like this. So we decided to make it too, just for fun... Manda has the big M with a litle pink flower on the corner. While i have this..After i look at it again i feel like a punk girl hehhee...

This is what i wear that night. I think i'm gonna post what i'm wearing from now on. It just fun hehehheh...
nighty night,...hoaheemmmmm....ZZZzzzz


  1. anggiiii...
    sepatu dan cincinnya...COOOLLL!!

  2. tng, manda menerima subsidi dr kalian berdua!
    *anggi nince :)
    biar jd sdkt sexy :p
    i miss u ngii chan!!