Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not so new shoes,,

Well about two month ago i ordered two pair of shoes to a shoe maker in Bandung... At that time the store clerk told me that the shoes will be ready in two weeks.. But it looks like they have overwhelmed order so they can't finished it in time. Well in the end they told me the shoes are ready when i'm on my vacation in Palembang (its about 1.5 months after i make the order). So now after two months finally i can have my shoes. Wll this is their picture.. They're nice right?? hehhehe.. When i show this to my friends dwichita all she can say is "cool" hahaha i even don't really know what she meant.

If you are interested on making shoes you can visit a couple of shoe maker in Bandung... Some of them placed at Planet Dago 4th floor, Bandung..and in so affordable price...cheapy cheap hahhahha.....Wel i can't afford the designer shoes cause i'm poor and now jobless hahhaa...and the cheap stuff suit me nicely..

This is me playing a little dress up before went to my friends house (share house). I think the flowery boots is nice with the jeans short. What do you think? hehehe
I can't get a nice picture with the black boots cause my camera like i already said in my previous post not good enough and the sun light playing on me..shheez....

Contempo Casual shirt, acid wash jeans short, self made flower brooch

Contempo Casual shirt, Thrifted skirt, mangga dua tights, Diva necklace

Well that is my not so new shoes post..hehhehe...Ok now i'm gonna focus on my FYP revision. Its gonna be a "fun" day hahhaha...Big kisses for you all...

Have a nice day ^_^ ..

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